Bookmark collection

This is aimed to be a selection of bookmarks that I've collected using a custom Raycast extension.

They are mostly for my memory but may be of use to others.

carouscroll Web Component—

I'd like to explore how to use these in some posts

Wired Elements Showcase

This is a cool component collection - I want to explore this

Riding the Berlin subway: a Graph Database Adventure with Memgraph Lab

This was a really interesting tutorial - it asks real questions and explores the syntax really well.

Spain lives in flats: why we have built our cities vertically

Interesting that more Spanish families live in flats but the data rich "scrolly-telling", with maps, graphs and 3D views is compelling even if you don't care about the takeaway.

The open-stack library: a futuristic technology from the 18th century

Interesting how open stacks were a new technology at one point ... it was futuristic - what is futuristic now that will seem mundane in a 50 years?

How to (and how not to) design REST APIs · stickfigure/blog Wiki · GitHub

Really nice reference and use of rules for REST APIs. Nice to review before an API input

Patterns for Personal Web Sites

This is an awesome insight - love this categorisation and recognition of patterns in personal websites. Makes me think of recent work about what the purpose of a personal site is.

Music Mouse - An Intelligent Instrument - An Emulation

Fun musical project - nice inbrowser experience

The Art of Debugging | HackerNoon

Interesting article - lots to reference and dig into

Creating a Wordle with TDD in Javascript | HackerNoon

Sounds cool - a good exercise and workshop?

Make a Linux App

Nice website ... sounds like a good idea .. maybe something I should consider? It should definitely go on the list

The (internet) Shutdown Game

This seems cool - it's a group thing, maybe could be fun for a meetup at some point?

SVG Tutorial - Learn how to code images in HTML with SVG

I wonder if I could do an advent calendar of something next year - RN? TS? Node?

Links latest

Trevor Morris link page from OnTheSide community.

History of Mathematics Project | Home

Online exhibition to explore the history of maths - very cool

Write Rock Solid Tests in Any Programming Language | by Bruno Lombardi | Bits and Pieces

Could be helpful to few in testing ... maybe for the Node course this week?

Playground – Lit

As well as exploring this framework for building the component library - this playground is ace - I wonder if it's build using Lit! Code editor in the brower with tabs between the two - this is ace

Five Geek Social Fallacies – Plausibly Deniable

An oldie but a goodie - when I looked the author up, he cites this article as one of the things he is best known for. I've definitely seen a lot of the points in groups I've been a part of and probably have some of those myself.


This is fun and funny - late to the game here but nice to see some whimsy :)

the-super-tiny-compiler/the-super-tiny-compiler.js at master · jamiebuilds/the-super-tiny-compiler · GitHub

This is awesome - a really clear tutorial in a single js file using comments really effectively. Clear that teaching doesn't need bells and whistles if it's clear. Could this be enhanced with more interactivity? Maybe but you'd also reduce the ability for others to use it

In Defence of the Boring Web

This fits in with the building sites that last for a very long time point I came across recently.

Show the case against | Shubhro Saha

Explore the counter-factual - write a "why shouldn't we do this?" instead of just the positive. Create a steel man argument - not a straw one!

CABINET / The Game of War: An Overview

This is an interesting article but I'm more interested in the highlight and tweet mechanism on the site. Might be nice to try to implement.

The ADDIE Training Model of Instructional Design: An In-Depth Analysis | HackerNoon

I've seen this before as a model but could be interesting to refer back to. Analysis. Design. Development. Implementation. Evaluation.

The Consilience Project | How to Mislead the Facts - The Consilience Project How to Mislead the Facts - The Consilience Project

Interesting list: - Decontextualizing and recontextualizing - Cheery-picking and limiting focus - Reinterpreting and pre-framing meaning

Chris's Wiki :: blog/web/WebsiteShortDesignLifetime

How long are websites designed to last for - I'm hoping this site will last a while and am keen for it to grow organically as the need arises.

Unconscious R&D - by Gordon Brander - Subconscious

I quite like Tiago Forte's COPE process - and I think this list of bookmarks is part of my collect stage. I wonder if there is a need to mark some as private? I know tags help to hold them together and I can see a future where I create note pages that can pull these together. These bookmarks feel like a building block for future work and this article talks about something similar - that this collecting and sorting is a form of R&D

GitHub - xgrommx/awesome-functional-programming: Yet another resource for collecting articles, videos etc. regarding functional programming

I love these lists - awesome lists are awesome - interesting to look through and see if there's anything that catches my interest

Building A Web Code Editor — Smashing Magazine

I needed this article a while ago - and now I'm in Astro land I think I can use and implement this. A code editor component is probably in my very near future

woob - Web Outside of Browsers

Interesting to think about the web outisde of a browser - we have access to all this information and the browser does lots to help us see and visualise it - but we could also interact with it in different ways. can see the need for accessibility - but also wonder what other uses we could put this structured data to?

Teaching how to code is broken

Advocates taking a large problem or game and using that as the vehicle to explore teachin

Cognitive Load Theory and its Applications for Learning - Scott H Young

This is an awesome article on Cognitive Load Theory - really well illustrated and some excellent applications to students

GitHub - Textualize/rich: Rich is a Python library for rich text and beautiful formatting in the terminal.

This looks like a really interesting project - I wonder if there's a JS Node equivalent - I know there is Chalk and a few others but this seems richer

Living On 24 Hours A Day | Justin Fuller

This is a really good review of a book from 1908. How we can live meaningfully with the hours we have - not more productively but deeper. Taking some of that down time that we doom scroll or commute and using it to learn or explore, draw or create.

Hi, my name is Sander Heilbron

I quite like his socials in the footer

I like the filter between articles and tutorials - worth doing for my blog?

I Think I Know Why You Can't Hire Engineers Right NowI Think I Know Why You Can’t Hire Engineers Right Now | Wherein The Chicken

This is interesting - engineers want three things: - Cool stuff to work on. - Smart people to work with. - Some degree of repeatability in work environment. That's an interesting list - how does that map for the independent?

Filter and map Array values with a flatMap one-liner | Stefan Judis Web Development

This seems like an interesting technique - I'd wonder about it making things read less clearly but there may be performance benefits? Although, the creation of all those intermediary arrays might also be costly?

30 pandas Commands for Manipulating DataFrames

Could be a useful list when working on a Pandas course.

The power of defaults «

Love the website heading here but more really enjoyed this article and style of writing

How to Succeed with ConvertKit (Part I) - Stacking the Bricks

There's a whole series here I'd like to work through and get good at - I think being able to help people through email is a good thing, I'm just not very good at it.

The invisible city: how a homeless man built a life underground | Homelessness | The Guardian

I read this story before when it was first published - it was sad then and feels even more poignant now. Justlife are doing amazing stuff in Brighton - I wonder what an equivalent charity in Belfast is? Wonder if I'd have the capacity to help out?

30 Bits of Advice for 30 Years

Always fun to see people try to condense their life lessons - helpful exercise for them and helpful for the reader to either agree/disagree with the points made.

Old School Web Techniques Best Forgotten | WDD

This is a fun list of things that I've seen come and go - some are still here!! How dare they say jQuery is old school.

Suddenly, I Understand Software

Ah! I talked to Simon about this last night and I think I'd like to write a blog post about this - how hard (impossible?) it is for us to land in a new project and get a theory of how it all works just from the code and the docs. Super hard when you're a consultant and both you and the client want you to be able to deliver value as quickly as possible

UNIGE 14x050 – Deep Learning

Speaking of ML and self-directed learning this could be an interesting course to dive into if that did tickle my fancy. Based in PyTorch.

Pretty Diff - Guide, The DOM Explained, Quick and Simple

This was labelled "How to Write a Parser" - that's something I'd like to dive into more. I've only scanned this quickly but it seems interesting. Filing it for future reference.

Return To Office Mandates Can Take A Hike

This is great - and love the name of the blog! I'm currently commuting to my own office but as long as I have a choice, I don't want to share an office with anyone else. Commuting in my case is hopeful to change but necessary with family life right now.

How I became a machine learning practitioner

I know this probably got thrown up in my feed because of the whole OpenAI saga going on but it's interesting to see others learning journies. I think I'd be interested in an ML exploration but I'm not convinced that it's a high enough proirity to what I'm doing right now.

A Node + TypeScript + ts-node + ESM experience that works. · GitHub

Interesting that this is seen as such a problem - there is so much overhead to get Node and TS to play together and good to have an attempt to codify. I think I'd like to redo this with TSX

How to shuffle songs? - Spotify Engineering : Spotify Engineering

I used to talk about randomness with my students when I taught maths and we specifically talked about how the iPod shuffle had to be de-randomised in order to make it feel more random. Interesting that Spotify seem to be coming to the party late here - one of those situations where we don't have a lot of history, so we have to reinvent the wheel?

A Tour of the Tektronix Ceramic CRT “Catacombs”

Always cool to think about and see the history of tech. Before printed circuit boards there were other approaches to keep your components in line - this shows how one company did it with ceramics.

GitHub - cxli233/FriendsDontLetFriends: Friends don't let friends make certain types of data visualization - What are they and why are they bad.

This feels like a good resource when looking at data visualisations with students - when certain data viz are the wrong choice and why

Ancient Tree Inventory - Woodland Trust

This feels like a cool project. It has maps! Mapping the oldest and most important trees in the UK. Interesting in the light of the one that got cut down in the gap.

Nice bike | Seth's Blog

Seth hits it on the head as always - the need to be happy with the vehicle you have for the journey you're travelling. What is the journey you want to travel? Is the vehicle that you're using the right one? Is the journey the right one?

15-150: Principles of Functional Programming

This looks like an interesting course to have a look at. I quickly watched the first lecture. Might be worth looking at some of the others