All about "web"

This topic doesn't have a dedicated page yet. For now, here are the links I've gathered with this tag.

Old School Web Techniques Best Forgotten | WDD

This is a fun list of things that I've seen come and go - some are still here!! How dare they say jQuery is old school.

woob - Web Outside of Browsers

Interesting to think about the web outisde of a browser - we have access to all this information and the browser does lots to help us see and visualise it - but we could also interact with it in different ways. can see the need for accessibility - but also wonder what other uses we could put this structured data to?

Chris's Wiki :: blog/web/WebsiteShortDesignLifetime

How long are websites designed to last for - I'm hoping this site will last a while and am keen for it to grow organically as the need arises.

In Defence of the Boring Web

This fits in with the building sites that last for a very long time point I came across recently.


This is fun and funny - late to the game here but nice to see some whimsy :)

Playground – Lit

As well as exploring this framework for building the component library - this playground is ace - I wonder if it's build using Lit! Code editor in the brower with tabs between the two - this is ace