All about "life"

This topic doesn't have a dedicated page yet. For now, here are the links I've gathered with this tag.

30 Bits of Advice for 30 Years

Always fun to see people try to condense their life lessons - helpful exercise for them and helpful for the reader to either agree/disagree with the points made.

Living On 24 Hours A Day | Justin Fuller

This is a really good review of a book from 1908. How we can live meaningfully with the hours we have - not more productively but deeper. Taking some of that down time that we doom scroll or commute and using it to learn or explore, draw or create.

Chris's Wiki :: blog/web/WebsiteShortDesignLifetime

How long are websites designed to last for - I'm hoping this site will last a while and am keen for it to grow organically as the need arises.