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This is where I want to write about teaching.

15-150: Principles of Functional Programming

This looks like an interesting course to have a look at. I quickly watched the first lecture. Might be worth looking at some of the others

GitHub - cxli233/FriendsDontLetFriends: Friends don't let friends make certain types of data visualization - What are they and why are they bad.

This feels like a good resource when looking at data visualisations with students - when certain data viz are the wrong choice and why

Teaching how to code is broken

Advocates taking a large problem or game and using that as the vehicle to explore teachin

Building A Web Code Editor — Smashing Magazine

I needed this article a while ago - and now I'm in Astro land I think I can use and implement this. A code editor component is probably in my very near future

The ADDIE Training Model of Instructional Design: An In-Depth Analysis | HackerNoon

I've seen this before as a model but could be interesting to refer back to. Analysis. Design. Development. Implementation. Evaluation.

the-super-tiny-compiler/the-super-tiny-compiler.js at master · jamiebuilds/the-super-tiny-compiler · GitHub

This is awesome - a really clear tutorial in a single js file using comments really effectively. Clear that teaching doesn't need bells and whistles if it's clear. Could this be enhanced with more interactivity? Maybe but you'd also reduce the ability for others to use it