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Restarting from a halt

Planted September 01, 2021

This summer has been jam packed with life going on - camping, hanging with family, travelling to Ireland for the first time since Covid and exploring relocating. The upshot is that I haven’t produced much content - not a lot of writing for this space or videos for egghead and YouTube.

While life has got in the way, so has work. I’ve been writing more commissioned pieces which has meant when I sit down to write that is normally what I’ve been focused on. But, I think that is making me miss out.

I’ve got a few plans coming up that I’ll start to explore on this blog. I don’t know if anyone will read this and, for now, I’m not going to publicise it too much.

  • I’m planning on relaunching my newsletter in a different direction. When I first career transitioned away from classroom teaching I created doingandlearning (from which @dolearning my Twitter handle came from). As I’ve been writing my newsletter, I’ve realised I’m not helping anyone “escape tutorial hell” - I’m just directing them more towards it. Going forward, I want the newsletter to become doingandlearning and, through it, explore aspects of cognitive science, practical skills, memory, practice and mindset that can help us all become the best versions of ourselves.
  • I’m working on an egghead course and have a few more ideas in the pipeline for that.
  • I’d like to start gathering together some of my teaching materials and offer single session workshops on key topics. Reuben Lerner talks about these as micro-courses and I like that idea a lot.

There are more things coming up but I’m also trying to make this fun.

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