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Defaults and Reducing Friction

Where I think about the things that allow writing to be more automatic

Planted November 19, 2023

As I’ve rebuilt this site, I’ve been thinking about the things I want to be here. I realise how much of what I’ve done over the past 4 years or so that isn’t refelcted here. As I’ve reflected on why, I’ve thought about the defaults in my life and how I can leverage them to reduce friction.

I have accounts on all of the social media apps but, for some reason, the only one I have regularly been checking is Twitter. It’s the one I post on most as well.

I actively dislike the direction the platform is going in, the CEO is not someone I respect and yet I’m still there.

Why? Defaults.

I haven’t experienced any toxicity directed at me there. I engage in helpful, useful and informative conversations.

I know others have faced issues and I don’t want to be complicit.

But moving away feels scary - will I lose touch and lose community? Probably not.

It will require a change in defaults though. I want to default to recording things here. I want to default to sharing what’s going on with people who would care.

Already, I feel I’ve reduced friction with this build and I’m looking forward to this site being my single source of truth.

I’m trying not to get too worked up about the fact I haven’t got my courses fully listed and just incrementally ship.

I generally have a bias towards action kind of personality. But, my ADHD has me applying that in a scattergun approach. That’s because of friction and misaligned defaults. Hopefully, this migration will help with both. Time will tell.

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