• The garden metaphor is particularly apt: taking care of your mind involves cultivating your curiosity (the seeds), growing your knowledge (the trees), and producing new thoughts (the fruits). #quote

  • Reading broad content is also a way to plant many seeds, which you may decide to nurture or not in the future. #quote

  • Having a diverse information diet is more important than striving for an unattainably perfect information diet. #quote

  • A mind garden is not a mind backyard. It’s not about dumping notes in there and forgetting about them. #quote

My summary:

Digital gardening is an awesome metaphor - there are different seasons which require different types of jobs. We plant seeds, we wait for them to grow and we don't which will survive and take root. So, we plant more seeds. As we get more skilled we know better which kinds of seeds grow in our garden and we can lean into that. These will potentially grow larger and look more mature - but we have other parts of our garden and we can continue to plant seeds of different types. Some things might be in the greenhouse and need more careful care - we might notice that some plants can be blended together to create a beautiful new creation. Some things come and go, others are here like trees that either grow consistently and stay leaved (evergreen) or have seasons of flowering/dying/flourishing again.