Week Notes

I'm trying to get better at keeping these notes. The coronavirus and the lockdown have made a focus on writing and thinking more challenging for me, so we'll see.

Week notes

13th-19th April 2020

My birthday and my brain coming back online

Week notes

Week Notes 6 & 7: 10th-23rd February 2020

Some work and a holiday to Arizona

Week notes

Week Notes 5: 3rd-9th February 2020

Meet-ups, old haunts and being an introvert

Week notes

Week Notes 3: 20th-26th January 2020

Learner Advocate, more Wordpress and Dear Evan Hansen.

Week notes

Week Notes 2: 13th-19th January 2020

A podcast, some Wordpress and Tailwind, books.

Week notes

Week Notes 1: 6th-12th January 2020

First week back after the holidays.