13th-19th April 2020

My Food Reviews:

This is just me testing out mdx on the blog.

This has been a full on code week with some interesting chats with potential future clients. I've had a rest from my marathon of Kent workshops - the last two are in the coming week. I've also got some initial sessions with the business accelerator we are now a part of.

My mental health hasn't been great this week, I had my birthday which was nice with Kath and the boys.

On Friday, we build a piano with the Nintendo Labo kit - that was amazing and I want to think a bit more about why it is so successful. I think something about the structure and freedom, the help and the challenge - the eldest has loved it and is diving in deep. There is a discover mode where you can create your own interactions - it feels like a scratch environment with Nintendo and that is winning lots of points in our house.

I've been interested in getting my site to look a bit better and been inspired to think about digital gardens. I posted about that which was helpful to think about. My first aim is to get the top level of that sorted - the topic level.


I've struggled to stay focused enough to read at the moment. I've been reading more blogs and thinking about those because my attention for long-form isn't really there. I'm hoping this will pass - I've gone from reading 2/3 books a week to 1 book every two weeks. That tends to be a good measure of my mental health though, so maybe as things balance out a bit I'll be able to read a bit more.


This has been harder since the gym has closed down with the lockdown. I've been doing some HIIT workouts in the mornings but that has been most of my physical exertion. I probably should think about doing more.

Published 18 Apr 2020

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