Week Notes 5: 3rd-9th February 2020

It's been a stormy week last few days as storm Ciara hit the UK. The last storm was Brendan (my nephew) and Ciara was the name of my nextdoor neighbour growing up. I like this naming storm business. I drove past a large blown over tree on the way back from the gym this morning - it was massive but luckily stayed on it's verge area and didn't damage anything.

Last week, I helped organise PHPSussex. We had two great talks.

The first one was from Dave Liddament on generics in PHP. I've done a little bit with typed languages before but this was a really clear and helpful jaunt into how you can implement generics with the tools we have right now. The blocker for me would be it's all or nothing. I'm also not writing a lot of PHP at the moment so that's an issue.

The second talk was from Rowan Tommins(uh oh, no SSL!). Rowan was talking about all of the things that are involved in internationalisation. It was an amazing journey through all of the ways we can be culturally and linguistically insensitive. Working on the QDL made me aware of some of these but there were some gems in there.

The rest of the week was just plodding on really. I'm back working at Cogapp for a day week at the moment which was fun. Lots of the other projects are ticking along and we're looking forward to getting a few of them over the finish line.


Another slow week in reading, I managed 2 or 3 books but struggled to concentrate for long periods of time.


Last week started off well but my anxiety got pretty bad and I didn't finish off well. I only managed to get to the gym twice again.

Published 10 Feb 2020

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