Week Notes 4: 27th January-2nd February 2020

The weather in Brighton hasn't been great this week - cloudy, misty and dark. My anxiety hasn't been great either but I don't know of those things are related :)

Work this week was split between two very different projects.

The Wordpress/React site I've been working on and is due to launch very soon. Content is being added and that is throwing up some bugs and inconsistencies. Been helping the team work through those and it's great to see it coming together.

The other project is a prototyping project in NextJS - I've been looking at data models, navigation and building out some of the designs. That's been fun.

Wednesday, I went to the Laravel and Lager meetup. I don't do much Laravel development at the moment but it's good to get out and catch-up with other devs. There were a record 10 people there this month which was good. I've another PHP meetup coming up next week, PHPSussex which I help organise, where there are normally closer to 20 people attending. I want to get a talk together this year, so I think I'll draft some titles this week and see if there is anything that sticks.


We binge watched Netflix's The Stranger. It was very good! A bizarre mix of Broadchurch and Black Mirror. What are the consequences of revealing deeply held and personal secrets?


I've slowed down this week no reading, haven't had a lot of focus. But, I'm finishing off a book about trauma which is helpful and interesting but not an easy read.


I got to the gym twice this week but I'm going to try to build a more daily routine this week. We're off to Arizona in a few weeks, so I won't be able to sustain it then but I think it's worth starting anyway.

Published 2 Feb 2020

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