Week Notes 3: 20th-26th January 2020

This week, I had a meeting with Zac and Will from egghead.io to explore being a Learning Advocate. This went well and I got to take part in a Rust workshop in Thursday evening which was really interesting. Being a Learning Advocate which will mean that I'll be doing more deliberate learning in public, so the artifacts of that are likely to show up on this blog.

At work, we were mostly still working on the Wordpress/React build which is close to launch. There were a few bits and pieces with scheduling and pipeline things alongside that which kept the week full.

On Friday, Kath and I headed up to London to see Dear Evan Hansen. I'd heard the soundtrack a few years ago and Kath got us tickets for my birthday last year. We had a fun evening and the musical was as good as I hoped it would be. It's quite a hard story to summarize but broadly it is about the intersection of teenage social anxiety, suicide, single-parent families and lies of omission. It is hard hitting and moving and has moments of laugh out loud fun as well.

The weekend was mostly us recovering from the evening away - London is not good for my anxiety, never mind Evan Hansen's


I have been slogging through a few dense non-fiction books but took a break to enjoy a fiction book over the weekend. Really enjoyed A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers, a sci-fi and AI novel. I loved it!


Managed to keep my gym target this week. The workouts felt a bit lack-lustre but I'm trying to agree with the adage that the only bad workout is the one you didn't do.

Published 26 Jan 2020

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