Week Notes 2: 13th-19th January 2020

This week we were continuing development alongside an in-house team we have been working with since before Christmas. They are coming up to a launch in the next few weeks and so we're in QA and bug-fixing mode. Lots of little stories rather than fewer chunky ones which can be a bit of a killer for productivity.

It's been an interesting build though. It's a Wordpress site with Tailwind and Twig on the front-end. We've also managed to use React for some of the more interesting components. I've enjoyed working with Tailwind and when I'm working on a project without it now, I find it frustrating not being able to reach for the utility methods to quickly fix a small UI concern.

I also had a day working on the project I mentioned last week. I integrated Prismic headless CMS into the NextJS application and did some styling of the blog posts as they are rendered by our app. It was pretty fun and ran up against some interesting edge cases that will probably make their way into a blog post at some point or other.


I haven't managed to read quite as much as I read over the holidays but managed to finish off a number of books this week. I enjoyed most of them and have been adding to my Roam notes to help me consider what to blog about from the ideas that are coming out of them.

I normally try to keep 3 non-fiction books on the go at a time and read a chapter of each every day. That way I can see progress in each, make links between them and not feel too bogged down by any individual book. I have a blog post on how I read and take notes coming soon.

Quote of the week

The capital value of something these days is the ability to implement it rather than to create it originally. -- from Open: How We'll Work, Live and Learn in the Future by David Price.

This book was a really interesting look at learning and how schools and work-places are lagging behind in how they tackle learning. Here he is saying we should be really generous in teaching people what we know and not worry about whether they will steal our ideas. What people struggle with is knowing how to implement knowledge. Our sharing is proof we know what we're talking about which attracts people to ask us to help them with the implementation and advice stages.


On Friday, Si Jobling interviewed me for the next season of his podcast, 'Make, Life, Work'. It was a really fun experience and it was interesting to reflect on how passionate I am about learning and thinking a bit about how that might be leveraged going forward. We got on well and could be some interesting conversations about how we can build on common interests going forward.


Only managed to get to the gym twice this week. My target is 3, so I'll aim to get back on that next week.

Published 19 Jan 2020

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