Week Notes 1: 6th-12th January 2020

It's hard to believe that it is 2020. That totally feels like the future. I saw a post over on Wait But Why which draws out some interesting observations around this.

This has been the first week back after the holidays. We had a long break and it was fun getting back up and running. At SpinUp, we've been working on a prototype which has been using a lot of Next with MongoDB as the datastore. Since we're using Zeit for hosting, we've been implementing this without using Express and using the NextJS API routes.

This has given us lots to think about with serverless, mongoose and MongoDB. Thinking through the models required for each route and ensuring they have been initialised is even more important in this scenario. With Express, the connections and models can be started in advance, in a serverless scenario these connections cannot be assumed.

I've been thinking more about my knowledge management system and been trying out Roam. So far, I've enjoyed it more than Notion because of the ease of creating and linking pages. I'm preferring Roam because of the speed as well - Notion is very powerful but it isn't speed. Roam doesn't have a mobile app yet but I'm hoping when they do, it will be as fast as the web app.

Since, I read "How to Take Smart Notes" I've been using my Kindle to take notes as I go, importing them onto the computer and filing them in Roam. This has been really helpful and has got me thinking about things like this, week notes. Let's see if these new habits take and allow my learning to produce more helpful artifacts.

Published 10 Jan 2020

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